Our Farm

Riverwood Cottages based at Manor Farm, Lechlade. A family run farm built from the ground up by Cherry and David Mace

Manor Farm, home to Cherry and David Mace, along with their daughter Philippa and her husband Tom is a wonderful place to spend your well earned breaks enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the farm and the Cotswolds.

Due to Cherry and David's Retirement in 2016, Tom was given the opportunity to take over the family run holiday cottage business. A former vehicle technician for BMW, a new venture within the family business was very difficult to turn down. Another family business at Manor Farm is owned by Philippa, Pippa's Barn. A qualified Childminder, Philippa's new business is ran out of hers and Tom's house on the farm allowing the children to experience all the great things it has to offer.

The farm boasts a wide variety of animals and activities for children and families to enjoy. Donkeys, goats, sheep and ponies are just to name a few of the animals living at the farm. All the animals are well looked after and friendly and love interaction with everybody. Having wide open green fields allows children to run an shout and have a great time. Boasting lots of children's equipment such as swings, trampolines and climbing frames there is not any moment they will get bored or want to come in for tea.


Riverwood’s guests have the opportunity to enjoy the work that Cherry and David have done and welcome anyone who is like-minded in the approach to the great outdoors. The stone cottages - once cattle sheds - of Riverwood were converted and renovated in 2013 and now offer a haven for others, surrounded by animals, beautiful woodland walks, BBQ and of course a swimming pool. Life slows down in the countryside so enjoy unwinding on your visit.

Meanwhile, Cherry and David continue to improve the farm, training Tom for visitors.